Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Can't See the Forest for the Trees...

Are you where you want, what you want, who you want to be?

Regress back ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty years. Ask your younger self: "What do I want to be?" Now, return to the present and take a good look at where you are. How does it compare?

Have you "sold out" or “settled”? Are you doing something related to what you want to be doing? Who are you, really?

If you were being true to yourself, what would you be? Not every child grows up wanting to be a middle manager.

Following a dream can be daunting. Otherwise, people wouldn't insert the word, "pipe" before the word "dream" with such recklessness. Some members of society wouldn’t keep others down. Rather, they would allow them to breathe free; doing the writing, painting, singing, dancing, or other such creative work they really want to do.

Society is uncomfortable and sometimes jealous of those who are innovators. We sometimes frown on those who follow their dreams, unless that particular dream involves making money for someone else.

Is that what you're doing? Why?

What would you rather be doing?

Why do so few of us chase our greatest desires?

Is it the fear of risk, or worse still, the fear of failure? Are we that content to let potential pass us by?

Take a walk. Clear your head. THINK.

Why do we lose our imagination when we pass into adulthood?

Why don't more of us make it count?


Intolerant said...

Back when I dreamed of what I wanted to be I came up blank. I developed my imagination over the years and continue to become what I want to become as I think about it. I dreamed of having a good paying job and I got it. I dreamed of having a beautiful wife and traveling the globe with her and I did it. I always dream of having certain cars and I get them. I dreamed of getting rid of my wife and she's gone now. I dreamed of having money roll back in again and it's rolling in like crazy. It seems that with relatively little effort and a constant faith in God (I am not an outwardly religious man, but I give credit where I feel credit is due) all I have to do is imagine what I want, think about it for a time, and before long, it appears. Seemingly quite naturally. I think if I had set my sights on one particular goal as a young man, I had nothing to look forward to but disappointment. By leaving it all open to daily interpretation, I am constantly satisfied and rarely disappointed. People constantly disappoint me, but my life so far certainly hasn't. I would never suggest anyone look at what they thought they wanted as a youngster and compare it to what they are today. Instead think of what you want today and compare it to what you are. If you are unhappy, then change it now. Don't spend a minute kicking yourself for years past. Imagine exactly where you want to be. Think of it every spare minute. Be open to anything and have faith it will happen for you. Positive attitude is the key to success.

Dubs said...

Well said, Intol. I may send this to Puddy.

lexcen said...

I was just thinking about this from a different angle. It's a blog still in it's embryo stage. The theme being that crisis in our lives seems to have a deterministic effect on the course of our lives, and not just a manifest of an obstacle. Crisis forces us to stop whatever direction we're heading and focus all our strength and energy in coping with that crisis. It changes us in subtle and significant ways. It teaches us lessons we otherwise would never learn. Crisis changes the course of our lives (if you look at life as a straight line, then crisis puts its on a tangent). Still working on this.

cadiz12 said...

i'd be all set to kick ass and take names while skipping down the pipe to my dream if i could only figure out what the hell it was. didn't know fifteen years ago and i don't know today. i'm hoping that stumbling around with my hands out and my eyes closed will lead me to it a little faster.

and it is pathetic how our imagination slips away a little more with each breath we take.

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