Monday, June 25, 2007

Why Are Blacks Afraid of Dogs?

(^^^Possible overdose?^^^)

I've noticed throughout the years that blacks are extremely afraid of dogs and small harmless cats. Me, being a subject matter expert, feel the need to try to explain this (I’m not really a subject matter expert, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?).

Was it because whites sic'd dogs on slaves when they didn’t act right or do what they were told? Or is it for the simple reason they see dogs as competition for free food and housing?

I say nay, it goes deeper than this. Let us go back. Back before "blacks" were known as "blacks" but were known simply as, "That dirty thing over there drinking cow blood and wallowing in zebra urine”.

Way back when in Africa, blacks lived by the motto: "obooka kukannaka ugg muufa ooofafa obaawatu" (translated), "He, who outruns the lion doesn’t die". Survival of the fittest was the name-of-the-game.

Africans (or, “blacks” as is more common these days) never had many actual pets in Africa. They either ate them, sacrificed them to some obscure spear-chucker god, or simply ran from them (as they do now). Some have even made a career out of the whole running thing (ie: Track and Field… Carl Lewis, Gail Devers, Jesse Owens, Marion Jones, Jackie Joyner Kersee, George Poage, John Baxter Taylor… need I go on?)).

I'm very happy with this outcome. I urge any single white female to own a large breed dog. Preferably an English Mastiff (all bark & no bite) or a Pit Bull (all bite & no bark) or else you will be viciously raped by a darky.

So, I ask you;




Intolerant said...

Niggers are the number one reason there is a Pit bull rescue association. They feel they are so frightened of them that if they gets one they self, evabody else be juss a scared. Then they be too scared to keeps them so they has to let them go. And the animal control officer have to take it to the rescue peoples. See, niggers are a vast source of job security for so many different clean up organizations. Heck, if it weren't for niggers, they'd be no need fo half the police, three quata the prisons, half the newspaper be blank, and pit bulls wouldn't need no rescuin'.

Intolerant said...

Fed Up be taking comments on selected posts again Mr. Snatch. Letting niggers regulate my blog is a mistake. Come visit and comment.

Lexcen said...

You have been tagged.

Robert Wayne said...

It's true. I've never seen a nigger who kept a dog as a pet. And they outright hate cats. The nigger who lives next door to my mom is always complaining. My mom puts some food out for the stray cats to stay around. They help get rid of any rodents or snakes that might be around. Of course a nigger can't see 5 minutes into the future. All that nigger who lives next door knows is that "she beez afraid of cats and doan want none around". I told my mom she should keep on feeding the little guys. I have a lot more respect for stray cats than niggers and maybe if enough cats come around, the niggers will get the hell out of the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Why are you Nazis not rotting in the ground?

Anonymous said...

Fucking niggers

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