Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dogs: Take Them From Behind

(How could you resist this fat little fucker?)

I was going to call this 'Dog Fucking: The Way Forward' but that would have been a little too obvious. Now, on to the business at hand:

Most of you will be familiar with the practice of providing (often at the taxpayers expense) sick people, handicapped people, dying people, blind people etc, etc, with a dog to cheer them up. The theory, and it is quite correct, is that dogs are able to provide true and faithful love. And this of course is good for the recipient.

Why do dogs get used for this purpose? Partly because they are cheap, I suppose. But mainly because humans are incapable of providing love of the same quality that dogs can provide. It's as simple as that. Think about it for a moment and you will realize it's true.

Now. Why should only the diagnosed sick and dying be getting the benefits of dog love? What about all the people who suffer from sexual handicaps (ie: all of us poor, sad fuckers on Blogspot & Wordpress, or most of the world for that matter)? So many people suffer because they have no way of connecting with pure love and sex at the same time.

The obvious solution: Dog sex.

Of course, some adjustments to mental and social attitudes would need to be made. I must admit that I find dogs, sexually, rather repulsive. But I'm sure if I could overcome that squeemishness, the benefits of a sexual connection to PURE DOG LOVE would do me (and all the other sexual cripples in the world) just as much good as PURE DOG LOVE does cancer kids, the elderly, the blind, etc.

To summarize:

-Dog love is superior to human love and is virtually guaranteed to soothe the sick
-When trying to alleviate our sexual woes, we (usually) turn to humans for their inferior brand of love
-Obviously we should try the superior product (dog love)


Lexcen said...

I've had some dogs in my time, real bitches too. I'm only worried about catching fleas.
BTW, my old eyes are straining with the small font.
Welcome back.

ButterSnatch said...

I just adjusted the font for ya (you old fart!).

Good to be back.

Had a take an extended hiatus for work reasons, but I'll be here on a more regular basis from now on.

No word from Dubs, eh? I miss that girl.

JP said...

Dubs left without a trace...probably opened shop under a new name and started a whole new circle of sick and disturbed friends. I miss her too.

mk said...

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