Friday, July 06, 2007

Superman is WAY better than Jesus

“Why?” you ask…

-He can fly

-He saves the world on a regular basis

-He's not dead

-He's faster than a speeding bullet

-He can turn back time

-Screw walking on water, Superman can leap tall buildings in a single bound

-He has defeated numerous villains

-He has a job

-He doesn't have a homosexual haircut or the fag sandals and robe

-He can fuck Lois Lane and Wonder-Woman and any other woman on the planet in the same night

-He has a better body

-He has a cool hair


Lexcen said...

Can Superman:
1. Raise the dead?
2. Turn water into wine?
3. feed a group of hundreds with a few fish and loaves of bread?
4. Heal the sick?
5. Boast that his mother was a virgin?
6. Talk to God on a regular basis?
7. Eat kryptonite for breakfast?

intolerant said...

yeah...can he?

uh...Lex? Aren't you a self proclaimed atheist?!

Lexcen said...

OK ok ok, I do prefer the blue body stocking and a red cape - better than smelly sandals and caftan.

ButterSnatch said...

Can Jesus get a Super'Boner? I think not.

Lex: As for raising the dead, if you remember in Superman I, he brought Lois Lane back to life by spinning the earth backwards. Remember?

Jenafear said...

Superman is no hippie...

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